Soft Skills Mentor

Welcome to Soft Skills Mentor, a platform which prepares you for the exciting yet challenging world beyond campus.

The goal of Soft Skills Mentor is to equip you with skillsets not taught in typical classroom. To help you find the right career, a range of topics are covered, including career planning, resume writing and interviewing skills.

Soft Skills Mentor courses are exclusive to CUHK users. Please remember to link your KEEP Account with your CUHK account. [Guide]

Practice makes perfect. Students should embark on business ventures that are relevant to their studies, and internship is one choice.
This course guides you through the best practices for job hunting and appropriate behaviours at the workplace.

How is working in a certain industry like? Are there any tips on how I can get involved?
This course introduces you to various industries through workshops and interviews.

What are your goals after graduation? What career is right for you? Do you have the required qualifications and skills?
This course explains key concepts of career planning and teaches you step-by-step how to develop a career plan.

Making public speeches and presentations is indispensable for job interviews, case competitions or projects. Effective presentation is crucial to lobby and solicit support in the business world.
This course gives you a glimpse of what case analysis is about.

An interview is your opportunity to dazzle your potential employers with your fine qualities, professionalism and personalities.
This course concerns different types of interviews, preparation, as well as questioning and answering techniques.

Your resume gives the first impression when you are looking for a job.
This course includes basic techniques of resume writing and some resume refinement practices.

Makeup, hairstyle, clothing and grooming are important to creating a great first impression with prospective employers.
This course prepares you for upcoming job interviews and workplace environments.

We rarely work alone. Knowing how others think enhance team cooperation and work efficiency.
This course discusses the reasons for miscommunication and different behavioural styles.

There has been a dramatic growth in the number of companies doing business in China in recent years. Having an effective interpersonal communication with your local counterparts and business partners in China would be crucial to your career development in the future.